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Example of Product Application

  • Automobile lighting
  • Banking machines
  • Drone
  • Gaming machines
  • Lens zooming modules
  • Lighting
  • Printers
  • Robotics/automation equipment
  • Scanners or scanning modules
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Sports equipment
  • Testing and measuring equipment
  • And more...

More Choices From The Extended Product Line

Founded in 1997, Epoch Electronics and its subsidiary operations have developed and become a well recognized and trusted source of motors for users in a wide range of industries. From the big and heavy motors used in the textile industry to the tiny ones used to adjust a camera lens, Epoch offers a wide spectrum of motors for customers to choose from.

About Epoch

More Flexibility from Customized Motors

Even for the same application motor users usually have different performance and specification requirements. In addition, there are often other constraints and parameters which must be considered when putting together the final product. With these in mind, Epoch offers customers more than just the standard motor models. Having accumulated extensive product engineering and manufacturing experiences, Epoch is able to work around the limitations and develop flexible motor solutions which are custom designed and produced to meet the users’ requirements in performance and cost.

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